Everything we do has one goal: to end poverty and the climate crisis.

Deep impact is at the heart of our work. We seek meaningful and sustainable change within and through our portfolio.


Run an impact fund.


Social businesses become part of portfolio and gain access to funding, technical  assistance and networks.

YSB Impact

Social business becom sustainable in their business model and their impact.

Social  Business Outcome

Social businesses are able to scale their positive social & environmental impact.

Systemic Outcome

Business becomes a force for good, creating net positive impact for people, planet and society.

Impact Measurement & Management (IMM)

Optimising for real impact

The social and environmental impact of our work is the reason we get up in the morning. We care deeply about getting it right.

Our IMM framework consists of rigorous analysis by third-party auditors. At the same time, we use the data to proactively manage our impact.  

We are constantly improving this process. We believe in a system in which impact measurement is clear and objective.

Our IMM Framework

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Our latest annual report

2020 changed the collective conversation on solving urgent human problems. Find out how we responded and discover the learnings we are taking forward in our 2020 Annual Report

How we achieve deep impact

We have a unique way of partnering with social businesses that helps them to scale their impact in a financially sustainable way. Discover our work with Instituto Muda to find out more.