For Entrepreneurs

Grow your social business. Our local teams help social businesses to achieve their vision.

Financially sustainable social-business entrepreneurs with the potential to scale their impact can receive patient loans and tailored growth support.

Eligibility criteria, what
we look for:

Impact first

A big idea translated into a tangible solution that has the potential to improve millions of lives.

You and your team

Experienced entrepreneurs with natural leadership skills and a talented team with the capabilities needed to propel your social business forward.

Business model

A proven model of profitability, a market opportunity that is underserved, and a product or service that benefits or improves incomes for low-income populations.

High potential

An easily scalable business with a clear application across regions and countries.

Applying for funding

How to apply

Before applying, please ensure that your social business fits the above criteria, and consider our investment thesis. Our patient loans are between 100,00 - 500,000 dollars. The regions where we provide funding are: Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Please note that we will not be able to consider organisations that do not meet these criteria.

If your social business meets these criteria and you are looking for funding in the above range, please apply below.