We believe in the power of business to end poverty and the climate crisis.

Our work offers a dignified hand out of poverty to millions of people through social businesses - a model pioneered by our Co-Founder, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

Yunus Social Business today: we tackle poverty and the climate crisis from two angles.

From the bottom up...

Yunus Funds grows local social businesses that provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and clean energy to over 13 million people in East Africa, Latin America & India. We turn donations into investments in social businesses, which we reinvest over and over again, multiplying the impact each time.

Our long-term, patient loans and hands-on growth support are delivered by our teams of local professionals, partnering with social businesses to help them flourish. We have offices in Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kampala, Nairobi and Berlin.

...and from the top down

Yunus Corporate guides multinationals (such as Danone, Veolia, McCain, MAN and Tata) to help them transform their purpose. Harnessing our years of experience with social businesses and corporations, we connect the two. With our method, corporations can apply their core competencies to some of the greatest human challenges.

These activities operate  under the entity Yunus Social Business GmbH (ltd. company) separate from the charitable entity (gGmbH). Set up as a social business, 100% of Yunus Corporate Innovation’s profits are reinvested to continue to generate and scale our social impact.

Our roots in a new kind of business

In 1983, Prof. Muhammad Yunus created the Grameen Bank, beginning a microfinance revolution which in 2006 earned him one of humanity’s most prestigious awards, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Grameen grew from a microcredit bank into a group of enterprises created with the specific intention of solving human problems. These embodied the first cases of a new, emerging model: social business.

Our history

Yunus Social Business was founded in Germany in 2011 by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Saskia Bruysten and Sophie Eisemann to expand on the success of social business from Bangladesh and ignite it around the world.

Yunus Social Business began operating in Uganda in 2013 and in Kenya in 2018. By financing businesses that solve human problems, Yunus Social Business has funded social businesses in East Africa that impacted the lives of 1 million people in the region.